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This was a busy week for all of the Scott’s. We kicked it off with a move back to northwest Orlando where Clif is doing a pediatric rotation. We had a difficult time finding a spot down here in sunny, snow-bird filled Florida. For two weeks of the rotation, Clif was driving 45 min to an hour to and from work every day, which was not what I envisioned when I adopted this “mobile” lifestyle. Luckily, a spot opened up and we are back in Apopka- closer to the girls’ Classical Conversations group, closer to Thomas’ preschool, closer to where the girls take riding lessons…but farther away from Disney World, which may put a hurtin’ on our Magic Fridays.

but not this week! We did Epcot last night :)

but not this week! We did Epcot last night 🙂

Packing is a breeze and, although it looks messy, it actually cleans back up in a matter of minutes. Clif spent the most time packing up the patio: cleaning and packing the camp grill and the patio furniture. He also made sure the kids packed up their stuff, i.e. he handed them a plastic grocery sack and said, “if it’s not screwed down, put it in the bag and leave it on your bed.” I put myself in charge of packing up the garden and my ingenious plan was to break my hay bales in half and stuff them into leaf bags. For the most part my efforts were successful and I stored my plants, pots and bales, in the kids’ room.

I did, however, lose my best cherry tomato bush. It was full of ants and it just fell apart once the hay bale was broken. The kids and I pulled all of the little green tomatoes off and threw them in a pot in the back of the car. I decided to pickle them but I’ve stocked the trailer so frugally that I had to borrow a pot big enough to give my pickles a big hot bath! The pot was actually a pressure cooker and it was ridiculously too large for my rv cooktop, so I was outside at the camp stove pickling my tomatoes and listening to the crickets.


spicy-dill green cherry tomatoes!

Saturday was not the best day to move. It drizzled, it rained, and it drizzled some more. Clif and I were slowly but completely soaked by the rain and the kids spent a good 2 hours off and on in the car while we parked, leveled, hooked up, and reassembled our home: removed the garden from their bedroom, the patio furniture from the kitchen-slash-living-slash-dining room, and reclaimed our extra 50 square feet worth of slide-outs.

Although last week ended with nasty weather, this week we enjoyed some incredible 80 degree, sunny days. The girls were excited to be back at Classical Conversations after 4 weeks away and it was a luxury to drive only 15 minutes to get Thomas to his preschool instead of the 40 minute drive from Kissimmee that we’ve endured for the past 3 months. We’ve taken on extra riding lessons while we are camped nearby and we are full-speed ahead on school as we prepare for Nora Ruth’s trip to Italy in April, so it wasn’t easy but we managed to spend two glorious afternoons at the pool this week.

Sun fun :)

Sun fun 🙂

Everyone has adjusted pretty well to the move, even Thomas. He really stumped me the other day with a big question for such a little guy. We had stopped to talk to some people who we knew from our last stint at this same rv park and as they drove away, NR asked where they were from. “They are from Virginia,” I told her. Thomas looked up at me and asked, “Mama, where are we from?” Of course the girls were ready to tell him exactly what they thought but I shushed them and said, “Thomas, where do you think we are from?”, half-expecting something insightful, genius, or a little bittersweet but he eyed his sisters, measuring the potential laugh factor and giggled, “Africa!”


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