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An End to Summer…Living it Up


Last week was the first week back-to-school and Nora Ruth started first grade! Although she was a little disappointed not to have all of the same friends in her class this year, she quickly recouped and has all of the enthusiasm for school this year that she has had in past years. She loves her new teacher, Ms. Sherry, and she is feeling a little more grown-up in first grade. We decided not to send Alliene to school this year because her nursery program expanded to ‘PreK-3’ and the time commitment was a little heavier and I’m not willing to give up that much time with her. Her first reaction to the news that she wouldn’t be going to school was, “Yay!”, but I worried that all of the first-week-of-school excitement would be catching and she would be disappointed. So far, so good and she is happy to be at home with me.

Clif started school this Monday and even though he was studying and fulfilling some ‘shadowing’ requirements last week, we managed to have some fun for those last few hours of freedom. On Wednesday night we drove halfway across the island to eat supper at Vivine’s Kitchen. Meals cooked in someone’s personal kitchen, served on their back porch, and cooked just the way your Momma or your Grandma would sounds a bit like some excellent places you’d find to eat in the South, right? We ordered: Red Bean Soup, Fried Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Oxtail…and a piece of Cassava cake and Rum Cake. It sounds like a lot of food, but the Scott’s are always up for that kind of challenge.

On Saturday morning, we took the kids to the beach and went looking for some parasailing! While we were waiting for the boat to arrive, NR and I swam out to Governor’s Reef. NR is a more than capable swimmer and she’s an expert at using her mask, snorkel, and fins. Watching her dive 15 feet down in that beautiful blue water to swim after the Sargent Majors and Blue Tangs and Angelfish is a vision I will always cherish. The neatest fish we saw that day were a French Angelfish and a Cowfish..and we found a really nice sea urchin shell to add to our collection. We swam back to shore just in time to run away from a storm so no parasailing but we will be doing it soon!

We also had time last week for several bike rides on the new bypass road that is still closed to car traffic. After the third trip, Alliene was officially a bike-rider! She also had her first official case of road rash, but after the tears were over she seemed quite proud of her wounds.

The big news with Thomas is that he is talking. And talking. And talking. I can’t believe I have another conversationalist on my hands. Did I take a vow of silence in a former life that I am now making up for in “how’s?” and “why’s?” and “how many’s?”? I took most of this video (Thomas Talks) back in July before we took our trip to Mississippi….back when all of the talking was new (and cute) (and exciting). I did take two new videos this week to add to the mix because 1. He said “Mississippi” (“sippi”) and 2. he melts my heart when he says his own name. He actually introduced himself to a little girl on the soccer field yesterday. Granted she was eating a snack and that’s probably all he wanted but he stood in front of her and said, “I. Thomas.” He’s also really big into “me” and “mine” but at least he is still saying them in the interrogative only!



6 thoughts on “An End to Summer…Living it Up

  1. Time spent with children is so precious. Luvd reading about NR, Alliene and lil Thomas 🙂

  2. I love you Becky, and your stories of the children. I miss you so much!

  3. So precious to read about y’all…esp the children and to see Thomas talking. All nine of these grands are so much their own people – what fun to watch and listen! This week I got my first “I love you” from Lou! And all of the boys are growing so – B started 2d grade and James kindergarten – about which, after the first day, he told his dad he had fun and thought he would go again tomorrow! Love you all and hope you enjoy parasailing!

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