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Fast Forward

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Busy is a useless word in my world these days. I need to upgrade to the word “eventful”. And last week was eventful. So eventful that I’m going to give you all a quick fast forward of the rest of our summer and skip right on into the present. Here ya go…

1. We finally recovered from the Summer plague.

2. The kids and I flew to Mississippi at the end of July to spend two weeks with friends and family. Thomas was a little terrorist the whole way home and I vowed I would send him back to Cayman cargo-class in a cage.

3. The girls had an amazing time in Mississippi. The biggest events were horseback riding (for Allie) and tennis (for NR) organized by Poppy. We also had several chances to play (and swim, mostly) with our friends and cousins.

4. We flew back to Cayman August 10th and Clif’s parents, Nana and Geeds, came home with us for a week! We spent the week doing all of the best tourist stuff: Starfish Point, Rum Point, Stingray City, snorkeling, the pirate caves, and just ‘beaching-it’ in general.

5. For Nora Ruth’s final week of Summer vacay, Clif was also on a break so we really enjoyed some family time and some one-on-one time with the kids. Clif played tennis with Nora Ruth, I took Allie for some bike-riding practice and lunch, we took both of the girls snorkeling, and there was lots of wrestling-practice for Thomas (Daddy is much better at this than I am).

Whew. I will do my best to get our first-week-of school update posted soon.


One thought on “Fast Forward

  1. I loved having you here.. Guess who took all of those photos?

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