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Summertime and the living is…


easy? Not yet. My house has been infested with sick kids for the last two weeks. Nora Ruth came down with a cough on the Monday of the last week of school and on Tuesday she actually requested to stay home from school. Well, I knew that wasn’t a good sign. She also complained a couple of  times about an earache but since she had no fever I didn’t think much of it. By the time Wednesday arrived she was desperate to get back to school, despite the fact that her cough had not subsided, because she realized that the summer-time clock was ticking. I dropped her off with a word of warning to her teacher and, sure enough, around 11 I got the call that she was in the office complaining of an earache.

“She says she’s had it for a few days,” was the haughty yet indirect reprimand I received over the phone. If you’ve ever had a supercilious school secretary peer down her nose at you and reluctantly hand you the school phone as you are bleeding out your nose and ears then you know the voice. And I have to say, its almost as traumatizing as an adult as it was when I was a kid!

Outer ear infection was the diagnosis and she was back at school (she wouldn’t have it any other way) on Wednesday and also to celebrate the last half-day of school on Thursday. Alliene also had a last half-day of school, complete with party, on Thursday. I just can’t believe how much they’ve both grown and changed in the last 9 months.

There was more cause for excitement as my mom arrived on Thursday; in fact, we left school and headed straight for the airport to meet her plane. Things were looking up for a few days until Friday night/Saturday morning when Thomas woke us with a horrible, croupy, cough. While he recovered from the croup within a day, the cough has been here to stay since then and Allie eventually came down with it, too. I’m tired of whining about sick so suffice it to say that as of today all three of my kids are on meds for ear infections (Nora Ruth’s on a second round!) and  we are avoiding public places as we’re not the family you want to sit next to at a restaurant with our hacking and nose-blowing.

So what’s the best thing you can do with three sick, but possibly recovering, kids? Throw them on a plane and head for Miami, of course! Mom and I have been planning this little summer get-away for awhile and the kids were pumped to get off the island and go to the Miami Zoo. The kids had a great time: loved staying in a hotel, loved camping out in a room all together, loved riding the camel and the carousel at the zoo, loved our hotel’s rooftop pool, loved eating out, loved the airport train & moving sidewalks, loved the rental Impala, loved the flavored water in the hotel lobby, loved fighting over elevator buttons, loved watching PBS kids from their hotel bed, loved meeting and chatting up strangers, loved chewing gum on the plane, loved being buckled in by hotel valet, loved window shopping in Coconut Grove, loved riding the family bike around the Miami Zoo, and just loved the general excitement of having an adventure.

Now that the big adventure is over and the antibiotics, tylenol, and cough medicine are flowing freely at my house, I am pining for a nice, quiet morning at the beach or, better yet, a full night’s sleep. On Friday afternoon we took our snotty noses, our tylenol-controlled fevers, and our rattly coughs to Barker’s Beach for a treasure hunt and picnic. Sick or not, we have to make hay while the sun shines… only 62 days of Summer left!


3 thoughts on “Summertime and the living is…

  1. Totally understand the eternal cough ! We have one here ate home. My 10 yr old brought home a cold which manifested into a cough which loves her so much that it refuses to leave ! Isn’t it a great feeling to go on a holiday with two generations ? Loved this post 🙂
    Hope the kids get well soon !

  2. oops sorry ! I meant ‘at home’ 🙂

  3. We miss y’all loads but can offer no such excitement. Glad you are exploring you spaces & seeking new frontiers, all while sounding not one bit homesick- what an amazing feat! Hugs to all; know that we love you!

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