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Dishing on Fridays…

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I’m pretty sure that if you look up “half-ass blogger” in Merriam-Webster online you will find a link to this blog. For a[brief]while I was doing a good job of taking lunch pictures and told myself that I would post them all in one big, apologetic Dishing post and then the pictures started piling up and so I have only a fraction of yummy school lunches to share. I make no promises about doing better in the future. Life is a circus right now, folks.

IMG_0975a Greek Salad (w/avocado, apparently), curry chicken salad, an almond muffin, kiwi

IMG_0976A turkey/swiss croissant, corn on the cob, zucchini tots, (flourless) raw brownie, watermelon

IMG_0977grilled cheese bagel (Pesto/Gruyere), caesar salad, apples, walnuts/dried cranberries

IMG_1065mexican lasagne, chef salad, apples & cookie dough (tofu) dip

IMG_1069BBQ chicken pizza (corn, carmelized onions), blanched fresh green beans, graham crackers, pomegranate/oranges

IMG_1077(more) BBQ Chicken pizza (deep dish, this time!) , apple & cookie dough (tofu) dip, popcorn & dried cranberries

IMG_1083cheese burger, baked sweet-potato fries, broccoli salad, apples

IMG_1142butternut squash mac & cheese muffin (Ina’s mac&cheese minus the tomatoes, plus as much butternut squash (roast it first) as you like, salad (bleu cheese, avocado, apples, raisins), watermelon

IMG_1367 salmon patties, superfood salad, grapes

IMG_1452cream cheese/asparagus croissant, apples and cookie dough (tofu) dip, grapes

IMG_1523bean/spinach dip w/carrots & pita chips, quinoa granola bar & apples, corn on the cob

IMG_1537greek pita (hummus, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, kalmata olives, feta), kiwi & grapes, oven garlic fries


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