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Old News (Merry Christmas!), New Year (Hello, 2013!)

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Christmas was more than memorable this year. There were parties and decorations, candy and Christmas crafts, Santa Clause and Christmas lights. And then there was a two-week long trip to Mississippi to see grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles, and friends. In all the melee, Nora Ruth became a snaggletooth, Clif spent a week in Haiti on a medical mission trip and met a 24-hour Haitian bug, and Santa Clause paid the Scott’s a visit.


my little Christmas elf




Santa Allie










I’ll have to start cataloguing all of my thoughts on Christmas card photo-taking now so that I can blog about it next Christmas. It is heavy, heavy stuff. The first picture is of “Caribbean Santa” and his NO.1 Fan. I think you can see clearly how tickled she is to be in his lap. How cute is he?? The second picture is my favorite because the look on Caribbean Santa’s face says that Thomas is about to land on the “Naughty” list. Finally, the third picture is the best of the bunch; two out of three is generally the score around these parts. Speaking of which, #4 photo very nearly was my Christmas card. Getting three children to look at you, much less SMILE, while you are trying to take their photo is mission impossible. Half a beer later and I was starting to feel a ‘little’ better.

The day before we left for the states I had to drive out to Savannah to pick up the export permit from the Dept. of Ag so that Toots could travel with us. On my way, I passed a large house set back from the road on a big piece of property that was flooded with Christmas decorations- lights, scenes, inflatables, you name it. Since it was our last pre-Christmas night in Cayman Clif and I decided to defy the odds (and the traffic) to see this spectacle. The kids explored every inch and loved every minute. My favorite “scene” was a Cayman cottage with a sand covered lawn lined with conch shells. Several times while we were at Barker’s Beach in Nov/Dec we observed people shoveling sand and carrying it off. Clif asked one of the sand-poachers what the sand was for and he said they were using it to cover their front yard in “snow”.

These next pictures are from our first week in Mississippi. We spent our last morning in Cayman at Governor’s Beach and the weather was incredible. The kids woke up to winter weather (notice the house robes, courtesy of YiaYia) and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We spent the weekend at the farm, where Nora Ruth lost one of her front teeth and was paid yet another visit by the tooth fairy.

We went back to Columbus for the last Sunday service before Christmas at our beloved Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church. And before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve!

The girls were thrilled with their Christmas presents from Santa.

Although Santa brought Thomas a top-of-the-line, slim-profile carseat, he remained ambivalent about the whole Christmas morning experience, preferring to lick and chew and wrestle with all of the Christmas decorations that had survived his week-long onslaught. Cement Santa was about the last one left.

He did become more than a little interested when one of the girls tore open a Nubi Ball from Poppy & YiaYia. He wrestled it but when round one went to the Nubi, Thomas was back to taking down Christmas decorations.

The day before we left to come back to Grand Cayman, we paid a visit to Aunt Laurabeth and Uncle Duke. They have 8 baby rabbits and we had fun holding & feeding them.

Our first week back in Cayman was great! Both of the girls were sad to leave Mississippi- lots of “why’s” and “when can we go back’s”- but I for one was pumped to see my old friend the sun again. I think it must have been overcast 12 out of the 15 days we were home. This weekend Nora Ruth played a sport the Canadians call “ball hockey”, which is hockey played on asphalt with a ball. From what I can gather, Canadians are desperate to play hockey. If they don’t have ice, they put on rollerblades, but if there’s no rollerblades, they’ll play in their running shoes. Nora Ruth and her friends had a blast and for a kid who’d never even seen a hockey stick before, Nora Ruth really enjoyed playing! She also won her first medal and wore it around the island for the remainder of the weekend.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!


One thought on “Old News (Merry Christmas!), New Year (Hello, 2013!)

  1. Love this entry, its pics, and all the news that’s fit to print….also loved the too few blinks of you and your crew in your action packed time home. Thanks for the time it takes for these updates. All who love you and yours love ’em!

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