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Happy Big 3 Allie!


Alliene has been looking forward to her birthday since May when Nora Ruth and the two little girls who live across the street all celebrated birthdays; and in case you are wondering, YES, we have had too many circular conversations about periodization these last 6 months. We were driving to school one morning when I realized that the day was November the 1st and when I told Allie, she excitedly asked, “it is? Today?” and the countdown really began.

The night before her birthday, as we were getting ready for bed, I explained that when she woke up she would be three (or “free” as Allie says). It almost worked too well. I had to pull her out of bed to read some bedtime stories. When the lights were finally out, she got out of bed several times to go potty and about the third time she looked up from the throne and sleepily asked, “Am I free now?”.

In the morning we serenaded her with Happy Birthday as we came into the girls’ room to get them up. Then we had our traditional birthday donuts and while the rest of us enjoyed our plain glazed donut, the birthday girl wore a beautiful emerald crown that she helped me make the night before and ate a sparkly-green donut. We opened her birthday presents- a LeapPad from Mommy & Daddy, a case from Nora Ruth, and a game from YiaYia and Poppy- and then she and Nora Ruth sat down to play their LeapFrog games and compare notes. We took the kids to Motions Gym for one of their “free-play” days; it is a fabulous place to play although quite pricey ($30CI for all three kids and YES I have to pay for Thomas to crawl around there!), so it was the perfect thing to do for a special occasion.

We picked this weekend to have Allie’s birthday party so she has had an exciting couple of weeks-worth of birthday celebrating and planning. Alliene’s idea of a big party was to invite all of her friends over, “turn out the lights and have a tea party” so she was overruled and we decided to throw her third birthday party at Governor’s Beach. One of those May birthday’s that I mentioned earlier was celebrated at Governor’s Beach and it was the most amazing morning with all of the kids playing in a postcard-green-and-blue ocean. We had the party from 9:30-? and I wanted everyone to stay and enjoy the beach for as long as possible, so I made brunch for Allie’s friends and their families.

We gave all of Allie’s friends swim tubes and, as you can tell from the pictures, they had a lot of fun with them. The older kids were quick to get competitive about who could wear the most rings at one time.

In lieu of gifts, we asked our guests to bring donations for the Cayman Humane Society, something we’ve done for Nora Ruth’s birthday for the past couple of years. This was Allie’s first time to have a big birthday party and to collect donations for a charitable cause and I have to say that she handled it very well. She will get to deliver her donations tomorrow and I can’t wait to watch her doing something so important.

I am happy to report that Alliene is very proud and excited to be three. The day after her birthday she asked us whether or not she was still three and she is already thinking ahead to her next birthday (she’s planning on turning 5) and I’m thinking that her passion for birthdays is the motivation she needs to be the first in her nursery school class to master the calendar.


3 thoughts on “Happy Big 3 Allie!

  1. I love all of the pictures especially the ones of her crowned breakfast doughnut celebration. I wish I could have been with you all singing happy birthday to Alliene while she was waiting to dig into her green thing!

  2. Just dawned on me this morning that Allie’d had a birthday and here you are! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! What great pics from a special day. (Bec, you DO realize that all your Columbus folks think you are the smartest thing that’s ever graced the GC, right? A shark melon? Only you would’ve thought of it and have it be so cotton-pickin’ cute!)

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