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Dishing on Fridays…

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There’s a pretty good chance that this will turn out to be a 4-day week, so I’m going to dish early. Or technically, late, because I am also finally getting around to posting last week’s lunches.

monday: greek salad w/hummus, a plantana/spinach/ginger smoothie, watermelon







tuesday: taco salad (those are homemade corn chips people!! and avocado on the side and I swear there’s lettuce under there somewhere) and watermelon







wednesday: eggplant mousaka (thanks to Aunt P for a fabulous little Greek cookbook!), yummy Greek/Barley salad, pineapple and watermelon







thursday: smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, watermelon, plantain/spinach/ginger smoothie, oranges & kiwi







friday: grilled chicken/avocado bagel sandwich, greek salad, apples, chocolate quinoa cookie







monday: turkey, sweet potatoes, squash casserole, apples








tuesday: curried chicken salad, almond muffin, salad (romaine, avocado, dates, feta), kiwi







wednesday: pig in a blanket, corn on the cob, zucchini bites, raw brownie (you’ve got to try this), watermelon







thursday: pesto grilled cheese on a bagel, caesar salad, apples, walnuts/craisins



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