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Dishing on Fridays

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I’m going to start calling this “dishing” since I lasted all of about 3 weeks on a deadline. I give you 4 lunches from the week before last (we had a friday off) and 2 lunches from last week because we had two half-days and a full day-off.

monday: indonesian ginger chicken, fried rice, watermelon, broccoli salad







tuesday: veggie sushi, sugar snap peas, kiwi/oranges, an almond meal muffin (my friend Brenda gave me this wheatless recipe and its a new staple in my house, message me if you want the recipe)





wednesday: cabbage rolls a la Martha Foose, peas/carrots/corn, watermelon







thursday: pimento cheese boats (celery/cucumber), apples & tofu cookie dip, oranges/pomegranates






tuesday  week 2: cheese (swiss and cheddar) w/crackers, broccoli salad, cantaloupe







friday week 2: meatloaf, cauliflower mash, sugar snap peas, spinach/plantana/ginger smoothie, quinoa cookie



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