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Dishing on Fridays

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So, its not Friday and I haven’t posted one of these in almost three weeks. Or has it been longer than three weeks? I’m in a vacation nose-dive and I am trying to recover. Brenda and Kala kept me busy most nights taste-testing at the great restaurants in Cayman (those two like to do their research!), then NR had Fall Break, and last week Mom was here helping me so much that I’m struggling to remember how to do it all myself again.

So, I’ve got two weeks’ worth of ‘Dishing’ for you, both minus a Friday’s lunch because we just don’t think Friday belongs to the working-week. Its the best day for playing hooky.

quinoa veggie quiche, beet & apple salad, grapes and a clementine







pinwheels- smoked salmon cream cheese & cucumber, sunflower seed butter/honey dip w/carrots and celery, clementine







salad on a stick (fresh moz, cucumber, tomato, basil) and prosciutto/melon on a stick, corn on the cob, grapes









lox sandwich (salmon, cream cheese, cucumber), sunflower seed butter/honey dip w/carrots & celery, watermelon







chicken divan turnover, steamed broc, deviled eggs, apples & strawberries







turkey/asparagus/feta roll up (in croissant), apples & tofu dip, strawberries, oranges, and pomegranates







chicken divan turnover, apples & tofu dip, vanilla/banana/ginger/spinach smoothie




One thought on “Dishing on Fridays

  1. Bec, my four days with Lou were such a delight! I still cannot believe her mon and dad left her with us. She’s a very busy, cute, funny girl. The day I took her to Atlanta (and all the day before) I also had Russell’s boys so he could work with Unc. What joy to have the three at once- and what craziness! You were the person I thought about most as I wondered “how do you do this”? You’ve gained even higher admiration than you had in my eyes (as if you had room to go higher). Bless you, little momma!

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