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Dishing on Fridays


Welcome back to the crazy life. We’ve had two new teeth this week (incisors, top, Thomas), our very first assembly performance (Nora Ruth), one solid night of puking (Alliene), and as of yesterday, visitors!! (Brenda and Kala White)

I’m beginning to make a routing of this late “Dishing” post…I think I’m going to have to start calling it “Dishing on the Weekend”.

monday: sushi, edamame, pineapple sticks, oranges








tuesday: apple/sunflower seed butter sandwiches, garden salad on spinach, pineapple coleslaw







wednesday: quinoa quiche, blackeye pea & basmati salad, pineapple sticks, kiwi







thursday: lettuce wraps, fried rice, pineapple sticks (leftovers!)








friday: meatloaf sandwich, carrots, cauliflower mash, corn on the cob, clementine (Leftovers!)


2 thoughts on “Dishing on Fridays

  1. Sounds – and looks – delicious! I don’t know how you get it all done – with puking & company there – and still have the energy to post it all. Well done!!

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