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our family adventure continues

Dishing on Fridays


We have had a fantastic week…no one was sick, no more chickens died, and we’ve had lots of fun at school and with new friends. Here’s what we took to school for lunch this week:

quesadillas, veggies/dip, cantaloupe








salisbury steak sandwich (leftovers!), baked sweet potato fries, grapes, kiwi







bbq chicken pizza (leftovers!), superfood salad, quinoa granola bar (friend loaned me her quinoa cookbook and I love these things….if you want the recipe, inbox me)






tuna fish boats w/cucumber, cantaloupe, quinoa granola bar









chicken potpie turnover, carrot salad, kiwi, quinoa granola bar



4 thoughts on “Dishing on Fridays

  1. Ok, gonna show my age: what is “inbox me”? It’s tough to get old and to b in the dark. 😉

    • it just means message me! email/fb bc thats all I’ve got :p still hadn’t seen my package as of Thursday…didn’t get to the PO on Friday but will check again Monday!!

  2. Will you be dishing tonight?!?!?

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