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Dishing on Fridays…


I can’t believe its only been 4 weeks since I committed to putting these lunch pictures up and I already missed a deadline! This has been a busy week- birthday party on Friday, a cook-out with some fabulous new friends today, and a baby crawling around my house all of a sudden! Alright, those are all of my excuses and here’s what we took to school this week:

monday: spinach-pesto chicken salad, baked squash chips, cookie dough dip and apples, grapes, a piece of yummy quinoa carrot cake made by my wonderful neighbor

chicken salad- I make this pesto sauce and add peas, chicken, parm, no noodles!




tuesday: more spinach-pesto chicken salad, a tomato tart (just a muffin-sized tomato pie), cantaloupe, grapes and kiwi







wednesday: chef salad, salmon patty (leftovers!), cantaloupe

Ranch dressing– less mayo, more sour cream!







thursday: chicken chili with a cornbread crust (leftovers!), curried deviled egg, fresh figs and cantaloupe

sorry, don’t have this chicken chili recipe handy its something I learned from another Mississippi girl, Martha Foose.  






friday: a chef salad, cantaloupe, and a muffin (wheat free!)


muffins: I was looking for the ‘glorious morning’ muffin without all of the refined sugar and 500 calories before 8 am…don’t skip the fresh ginger or the sunflower seeds! and when I have plantanas aplenty, they’re going in here, as well.


4 thoughts on “Dishing on Fridays…

  1. Yeah we made the blog! (Hoping that you’re talking about us and not some other fabulous people; and if it is others, then I want to meet them!)

  2. Becky, please email me your mailing address…I have a surprise for you. A hint? Think pasticcio. Luv ya!

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