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Crawling for the Iphone


Our house is relatively gizmo-free. We have a desk top computer that the kids are allowed to use and I have an Iphone that I caved-in and bought last December so that I could keep up with Clif better via facetime while he was in Cayman and we were in Mississippi. As much as I love my Iphone, I don’t do much with it besides text, call, and facetime with family…oh, and read my ibooks! My friend Curtis has been sending me recommendations for the best apps for the Iphone and I am intrigued but I just don’t have time to simplify and streamline my life right now. My kids can do the finger “swish” as good as the next guy (IF they ever get their hands on my phone, which happens almost never) but they don’t know how to work the tv remote (maybe there’d be more incentive if we had cable tv) or play video games or download kiddie apps without asking.

So I find it pretty ironic that video chat is such a prominent part of how Thomas has been experiencing the world in his short seven months, on facetime or Skype with family members and friends, saying hello, showing off his smile or his teeth, and getting to know their faces and voices. He’s very interested in the people that he sees on the screen and when he doesn’t see them (i.e. when the screen is not turned in his direction) he is very interested in the voices that he hears and will crane his neck or swivel around to get a better look.

We were facetiming with my sister, Jules, last night and demonstrating Thomas’ yoga poses and sitting-up abilities when he got this hungry look on his face, sucked in his bottom lip, slammed his paws down on the floor, and started crawling to Jules. I was sitting in front of him holding the phone so of course he was really crawling towards me, but he was LOOKING at her. So Jules got his first crawl. Over video chat. So its official, Thomas is a crawler. Watch out world! (or world wide web)

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4 thoughts on “Crawling for the Iphone

  1. Wow! Crawling. He is such a big boy and it seems like he was just borne a month or so ago!

  2. I’ve been telling anyone that will listen about Thomas crawling to me. It was, along with Allie’s cheek-popping, the highlight of my weekend. xoxoxo

    • I’m pretty proud of the crawling AND the pop. Just as long as popping doesn’t lead us down the long, winding road to arm-pit farting. And I’m not even jealous that he crawled to you first- I think its fantastic! love you jules xoxox

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