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Nora Ruth’s teacher has asked that we try to include a note in her lunchbox to help introduce intentionality and why we write. It took me awhile to get to the store to buy a little notepad with lunchbox-sized paper (would you believe that, while packing my house up 6 months ago, I may have dumped the entire contents of my desk’s “junk” drawer into a box and taped it up before I could change my mind?) but by the middle of the week we had established contact.

Exhausted from cooking and cleaning (and looking forward to some quiet time with my Kindle), I asked Clif to write the note last night. And look how well he did! I just had to show it off.



Speaking of writing, here is some that NR worked up for me this summer. She selected a picture to color and then wrote about what was happening in the picture. Don’t you just love inventive spelling? [The fairy saved the cat from a jaguar.]


So, how do we reward thoughtful daddies here in the Scott household? With a few dozen of these:



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