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Cayman Summer


I am not complaining by any means but I am sort of in a summer time warp down here. You guys have really been throwing your new season in my face via facebook. I can’t scan my wall without hearing about nice Fall weather, SEC football, and tailgating.

Well, its still Summer here in Cayman and nothing says Summer vacation better than a visit from Poppy and YiaYia. Its pretty clear that Mom doesn’t have any qualms about skipping town to come down for a visit, but this was Poppy’s first visit. He prides himself on packing very little- he just needs a swimsuit, a pair of shorts, and his “beach shirt”…oh, and his sweat towel.

Mom and Dad both celebrated birthdays here on the island. The girls had fun shopping for them. Nora Ruth picked out a sleeping mask for Mom and a hummingbird plant/pot decoration for Dad. Alliene selected a large comb for Mom and an expanding fly-swatter for Dad. Dad’s birthday dinner: hamburgers, broccoli salad, fresh-cut french fries. Mom’s birthday dinner: ribs (she’s the rib master), deep-fried squash blossoms stuffed with goat-cheese, and blackened okra. The girls were thrilled to have two excuses to demand cake and ice cream.

Besides birthdays and lots of good food, the girls enjoyed another trip to the turtle farm and water slide with PP & YY, we all enjoyed another trip to Starfish Beach, dinner at Governor’s Beach, a night at Camana Bay, and a dinner hosted by some friends from the UK. PP &YY were able to see Thomas learn how to sit himself up for the first time (PP was actually the first to see his new trick!) and we all watched with bated breath as he scooted and twirled and lunged and everything else short of crawling. He’s even practicing the yoga pose ‘downward-facing dog‘.

The girls had fun showing PP & YY their new school and classrooms and introducing them to their teachers at CIS. NR, who is already gung-ho about school, was ready to play hooky for a day so that she could spend more time with her grandparents. Alliene enjoyed her first week of preschool immensely, but when PP went with us to drop her off, there were tears and howls and all sorts of trouble. She definitely was not interested in going to school while her grandparents were in town.

It was tough-stuff leaving PP & YY at their hotel after our last good-byes. On the way home, NR and A were asking why they had to leave and I had no luck explaining real-life to these girls.

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6 thoughts on “Cayman Summer

  1. Becky, I have this awesome new recipe for Kale Coleslaw. It is deicious, healthy and keeps for days in the fridge. It has become one of our new favorites.

    We really, really missed you when Jr. DOK started back last week!!! We had 8 daughters present, 1 new member and 2 out until November due to school obligations. We added a 15 minute Bible study time to the regular one hour session. They are going to use the study time to study scriptures with foods if the Biblw times. As a Bible study group, NOT, Jr. DOK,we are going to compile a cookbook by gathering recipes from parishioners. We will sell them to help fund our service project, EYC, and maybe do something for the day school. So send us your awesome recipes!!!

  2. I would love your kale coleslaw recipe!! i don’t have any recipes of my own! should I send you a few of my favorites- from the internet, cookbooks, whatever?

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