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Dishing on Fridays


I’ve been trying to come up with a way to summarize the last several weeks but I’m afraid it just can’t be done tonight. So before I sit and stare this blank screen all the way into tomorrow I have to put up my Friday lunch post. We had a three-day school week because NR wasn’t feeling well on Monday and Tuesday…and she had to play a little more hooky while Poppy and YiaYia were still here.

Wednesday: broccoli baked potato, salad, apple slices and cookie dip (psst- its really tofu!!) dip, and a cheesy & date biscuit (wheat-free!)


cookie dip– I love this. warning: if you are looking for super sweet, this is not for you. no cacao nibs around here so shaved some 100% cacao (very bitter, so shave small!) and used sunflower seed butter bc of school’s nut-free policy




Thursday: fish sticks (leftovers!), spaggetti-squash mac and cheese mini muffins, cantaloupe and strawberries, cucumber/feta salad

fish sticks

cucumber salad ( i add feta)

spag squash mac & cheese was another wheat-free experiment and we love it!! use your fav baked mac & cheese recipe and sub the squash for the noodles! My fav: Ina’s recipe.





Friday: Pasticcio (leftovers!), greek salad, kiwi and strawberries

Pasticcio– I was afraid clif was going to eat himself sick on this stuff. Apparently its even better with the right type of pasta!








3 thoughts on “Dishing on Fridays

  1. You better bring NR home so Ms Debbie can take her for a Happy Meal!!
    Oh, OK…we’ll just get the toy…skip the McNuggets, fries, & coke!
    Your lunches look delish!!
    Miss all of you!

    • did I tell you about the time I made NR a “happy meal?” She asked me if I knew what one was and if I had heard that they came with a prize so I just had to treat her. I bought one of those colorful chinese take-out boxes and filled it with nail polish, cookies, and sticker and gave it to her when I picked her up from school one day as a surprise!

  2. Wasn’t hungry….but am NOW!

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