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Dishing on Fridays

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School week two is down and I am starting to ‘feel the burn’. And what’s scary is that I’ve had a vacay this week from one of my many new jobs- school bus driver. Yia Yia and Poppy have been here since Tuesday (yippee!) and they’ve been so helpful with school pick-up in the afternoon. Nora Ruth played her first ever “hooky” today from school and took off with YY, PP, and Allie to the Turtle Farm for a day of playing with sea turtles and watersliding. Since I didn’t have to pack a lunch today, I could use today’s lunch for a nice beach picnic this evening- can’t wait!


Monday: sweet potato/pork quesadillas, mango slaw, apples,    popcorn

quesadillas inspired by this recipe, but all I did was chop up some leftover grilled picnic roast, add some cilantro, and a baked sweet potato…too simple and absolutely delicious

mango slaw




Tuesday: hummus/veggie pita, zucchini tots, kiwi, grapes


zucchini tots







Wednesday: greek salad w/hummus, cantaloup, grapes, baked sweet potato fries







Thursday: grilled veggie pizza, cantaloup, kiwi, more zucchini tots

pizza dough (my fav)






Friday (beach picnic dinner): grilled veggie deep dish pizza (i love my cast iron skillet!), veggies & dip, cantaloup, kiwi, delicious zucchini bread made by my awesome neighbor






How about our wonderful new Goodbyn-Bynto lunch boxes?! So far, I give these things 5 stars and two-thumbs-up. Also, some awesome, new, one-ounce dip/salad dressing containers arrived with Yia Yia and Poppy. So sad, our freezie pop molds didn’t ship before Yia Yia and Poppy left, so no lunchbox smoothies for awhile yet.

Finally, check out this link to Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk. I really enjoyed Season 1 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (maybe I was the only one, because there was no Season 2) and loved hearing that there was more going on to promote his efforts to educate kids, families, and communities about healthy eating and cooking habits. Food, and school lunch in particular as a social justice issue? Absolutely.




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