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the Toenail Fairy

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It has been a busy month for teeth; we’ve had them coming and going. First, Thomas cut two bottom incisors, then Nora Ruth lost one of her bottom incisors, then she lost another, and now Thomas is cutting tooth #3 and tooth #4, his top, front incisors. Stuck in the middle, Alliene is the only Scott child with all of her teeth at the moment. Having all of your teeth is a good thing, right? Well, no one is ooh’ing or ahh’ing or taking any pictures of her mouth.

Several weeks ago, Allie was closing her bedroom door and apparently her foot got in the way. One of her toenails immediately turned purple and within a week or so we noticed that it had become loose. This little accident was pre-tooth fairy, but the toenail didn’t actually fall off, or as Alliene will tell you, Daddy didn’t actually pull the last of what was left flapping on her toe, until after the tooth-fairy had paid her second visit to Nora Ruth.

it is already on the mend

I had just finished putting Thomas to bed one night and Clif was supposed to be in the girls’ room reading a bedtime story when Alliene came running through the kitchen yelling, “look! look! look what daddy did! he pulled my toenail off!”. Thanks so much, Daddy. So she hands me this nasty little remnant of a toenail and tells me, “I am gonna put it under my pillow for the toenail fairy.”

Oh, how I hated to burst her bubble, but if I allow the toenail fairy in my house, what’s next, a trophy for pre-k graduation? I told her that I was certain that there was no being, magical or otherwise, who would want anything to do with her crusty old toenail, but she was insistent. I finally talked her down from putting it under her pillow by telling her that I would keep it safe until she could get a second opinion (apparently I’m a questionable source of information) as to whether or not her toenail is a commodity.

As Clif was putting her to bed later that night, he reached under her head to adjust her pillow and felt something. He pulled a post card out from under her pillow; it was given to her by a friend at church just a few weeks ago and since we’ve been back in Cayman, it has been propped up on the mirror above her dresser. Before he could ask, she quickly explained that the postcard was a note for the toenail fairy and that she wanted to leave it under her pillow- just in case.

She’s forgotten all about the nasty old toenail that I confiscated for “safe keeping” but she has proudly related the story of the broken toenail that Daddy pulled off to many of her new school friends. Several of those times, she has told the story to older children, recent tooth fairy clients themselves, who listen amusedly and giggle when she asks them whether or not there is a toenail fairy in Grand Cayman. Personally, I’m much more interested in contacting the fairies associated with a few things, physical and mental, that I’m lacking as of late. How about the Waistline Fairy? or the Patience Fairy?


One thought on “the Toenail Fairy

  1. Tinkerbell stopped by yesterday to let us know she was headed in your direction. Perhaps, during her brief respite on Grand C, she can give you the 800 number for the Fairies’ Union and Allie can file a complaint ,•)

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