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Here Goes Nothing…


Its a good thing that this blog is about my kids and not a place for me to wax philosophical about how time flies and kids grow up so quickly. I was at the Divers Supply store today checking out swimsuits with Nora Ruth after I picked her up from HER FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN and while I was explaining to the clerk what type of swimsuit I needed for Nora Ruth’s swimming class she asked, shocked, if the school year had already begun. I said that indeed it had to which she responded innocuously, “Time really flies, doesn’t it?” Of course, she only meant the past several months of Summer but I had been marching to a subconscious chant of those exact words all day long, trying to break them apart into something smaller, so that I can “grok” not only what time is and the rate at which it passes, but also where in the universe it all goes. Lucky for you, you can stop reading right here and now and go on to the cute pictures…the sales clerk wasn’t so lucky.

So,  Nora Ruth was absolutely thrilled about starting school. She pestered me all morning about what time school started (she doesn’t even tell time) all the while insinuating that she was afraid we might be late (totally unfounded, I am typically punctual). I couldn’t even take a shower this morning without her pressing her forehead against the glass to peek in to say, “Mommy, are you taking a real shower or just a rinse off?”. “A real shower, Nora Ruth.” “Mommy, what time does school start again?” “At 8, Nora Ruth.” “Will you be done with your shower before 8, Mommy?”

Our neighbor’s child is in Nora Ruth’s Kindergarten class, so we met up at the school to take pictures by the sign and walk to the playground together. The playground was full of kids and families we don’t know (yet!) and Nora Ruth was quietly taking it all in. I am always so nervous about being somewhere new where I don’t know a soul and I can already admire how fearlessly and enthusiastically Nora Ruth enters into new situations. She held her friend Aleena’s hand as I kissed her and told her to have a good day and that was it!

As we were walking to our car, Alliene and I agreed that we both were ready to go back and get Nora Ruth. We decided to run a few errands first. After the first hour, Allie was still ready to go pick up Nora Ruth. I don’t know how its possible to take care of two small children all day and still feel like you were twiddling your thumbs, but that is exactly how I felt- like a thumb-twiddler.

When I picked Nora Ruth up, she was very happy about her day and also very  happy to see me. The first bit of “news” about how she spent her day was this: “Mom, you’re supposed to pack something else in your kids’ lunchbox. Its called ‘snack’.” This was said very graciously and with an air of total forgiveness. Between Nora Ruth and our neighbor, Aleena, it was established that Kindergarten is just ‘fun’ and they’re just supposed to ‘play all day’ so that’s what they did. Amen. The final bit of schoolroom wisdom that my big kindergartener acquired today was this, “Mom, Ms. Alyssa told one little boy that if he didn’t start on his coloring that she might have to change his name.” “Change his name to what, Nora Ruth?” “I don’t know.” “Do you think she meant change his name from David to Ben or something like that?” “Yeah, I think that’s what she meant. But she didn’t have to change it because he got to work.”

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2 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing…

  1. Love this! My gosh,,,, they are soooo beautiful. I know where the school is! See u soon!! Little more than a month!! Xoxo

    • We can’t wait to see you guys! word on the street here is that the Ritz is up for sale…I know how much you love the place, maybe you could be a Caribbean hotel magnate…xoxoxo

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