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Starfish Point


Several months ago, our neighbor suggested that we visit Starfish Point and Nora Ruth has fixated on this mysterious place ever since. I have no idea what she had imagined but after our trek there on Tuesday, she seemed more than delighted with the scenery and still has not stopped talking about the trip.

I had someone to keep Thomas so Clif and I took the girls and a packed lunch and left the house around 8 am. It takes about an hour to get to Rum Point and Starfish Point is a little further down the road. From what I understand, the land was purchased for development but as of yet, no work has been done. There is a circular drive, an imposing gate, and then a long, palm-tree lined drive to the edge of a peninsula. The last time we were at Rum Point and drove down to Starfish Point for a look, the gate was closed and locked, but on Tuesday we found it wide open. We decided to park outside the gate and walk down the drive to the beach.

We found that we had the beach all to ourselves (until about 10 am) and we all had a lot of fun wading across a fairly large sandbar, snorkeling through the turtle grass at the edge of a fairly steep drop off, and hunting for shells on all sides of the peninsula. We saw a few fish and about a dozen or so cushion starfish. The girls were so excited to see the starfish and it was so wonderful to watch them treat the starfish with care and respect.

Apparently you can take a trip to Starfish Point by boat or jet ski, as well. It sounds like fun to me but probably not the best way to travel with three little kids! I was looking for some information about the starfish and other interesting fish/corral that I saw at Starfish Point when I came across Testudos’ Snorkel Guide. He probably doesn’t have 3 kids and all of their crap to lug around because he managed to take good, detailed photos in order to explain how to find Starfish Point.

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We’ve been having a great week…more later!


2 thoughts on “Starfish Point

  1. I always feel like I am so in touch with you through your blogs!! I’m gonna really miss you when Jr. DOK starts on Sept. 11th. We’re going to make it a special tribute day for the the 9/11 victims. Should be an inspiring program for the girls. We’re also going to start a Bible study with the Jr. Daughters, but it will be a separate part, have to do it that way so we can write, publish and sell a cookbook to raise money to do more service projects. SEND RECIPES TO ME!!! LOVE YOU LOADS!!! HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL!! ROSE

    • It sounds like you have some wonderful things planned! I am going to hate missing them, but I hope I’ll hear more about them. Give my love to all of the Jr. Daughters…xoxoxo to you!!

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