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Pancakes and MM Clubhouse


Our five-day countdown to a 10-day trip home to Mississippi started early on Sunday morning right after two little girls were crowed awake by a bunch of good-for-nothing roosters at some indecent predawn hour. After several minutes of typical morning chit-chat between the top and bottom bunk, Clif overheard Allie ask her sister, “So, Nora Ruth, what are you going to do when you get to Mississippi?”

Clearly, they are excited. Every afternoon when we are in the pool Alliene squeals as the 5’oclock flight to somewhere comes zipping over our heads. She thinks that every plane is headed to Columbus and that Yia Yia owns a fleet of commercial airplanes.

After I made a statement about only bringing one suitcase, Nora Ruth worriedly asked whether we were taking her ‘treasure box’ with us to Mississippi. I had to break it down for her that we were not leaving Cayman for good, that we were staying in Mississippi for ten days and then we would come back to Cayman to take care of daddy, so no, we would not be traveling with twenty suitcases this time.

As I was explaining, for the umpteenth time, on my fingers how many days were left until our trip, Nora Ruth declared that it has been at least 20 or 30 years since we’ve been in Cayman. If you are curious about what Allie and Nora Ruth have missed the most over the past “20 or 30 years”, well its most definitely paw paw’s pancakes and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Their plan for the week is to “eat pancakes everyday and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”.

All of this excitement has Clif worried that the girls won’t be ready to get back to see him. He has countered this worry by whining and asking rhetorical questions of toddlers (e.g. “I’m going to be so lonely all by myself. Who’s going to take care of me?”) It has almost backfired on him in the last day or so with Allie wrapping both arms around his head and telling him in a pouty voice that she doesn’t want to go to Mississippi and leave him in Grand Cayman. And Nora Ruth has been extra generous with her prayers lately, almost exclusively asking for help for Daddy to bear the burden of ten days of being home alone. I think I deserve a couple of prayers myself. Given the schedule tomorrow (departing at lunch time, flying through nap time, customs by the 5:00 witching hour, dinner in the airport, board the 2nd flight around bedtime, and in Columbus after bedtime) the first 6 hours are going to be toughest on me!  But then its pancakes everyday and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I’ll just try to keep my eyes on the prize.

We’ll see y’all soon! xoxoxo


3 thoughts on “Pancakes and MM Clubhouse

  1. OK – I’m laughing out loud in a room all by self – my thoughts are with you – I only had to travel with two – good luck – can not wait to see you!!!
    Love and kisses to all

  2. Saying prayers for you traveling with the three children. I know that the girls will be really good for you! Can’t wait to see all of you! Safe travels!

    • one heck of a trip! we arrived today cant wait to see yall! my phone doesnt work so I’ll call you from mom and dads tomorrow xoxox

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