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Something to Chew On


Adam and Eve had many advantages, but the principal one was that they escaped teething.  ~Mark Twain

Little man has not been sleeping well these last couple of weeks and I have just been confounded by it and oblivious to the possibility that teeth might be involved. You’d think after two sets of baby teeth- that’s 40 teeth, people!– I’d know a teething baby when I see one. Only 18 more to go so here’s to hoping I develop some instinct between now and then.

Specifically, Thomas now has the two central incisors in his lower jaw. I can’t get a great picture of them, partly because he’s so ornery about letting me put my fingers in his mouth and also because they’re just not that big yet. But I have been taking plenty of pictures of what we Scott’s like to do with our teeth.

I started feeding Thomas pears at breakfast when he was 4 months old. I chose that particular fruit and time because I hoped that it would make him more regular. After a couple of weeks it became clear that Thomas was interested in every meal. Again, why am I surprised? In the last two weeks I’ve noticed that he gets fussy at mealtimes and watches with a laser-like focus when the rest of the family eats so I’ve added dinner to his schedule. He gets so excited when he sees his bowl and spoon heading to the table. He eats in his stroller because our highchair has very little support and he doesn’t have enough balance to sit in it.

So far Thomas loves everything that I put in front of him. He appears to be a bottomless pit so I am still trying to assess what the appropriate serving looks like. Currently he eats about 4 ounces of fruit in the morning and 4-6 ounces of fruit and veggies at dinner. I’m sorry that I can’t provide more detail about his favorite foods but he just doesn’t discriminate. He loves it all, an epicure in the making. He only allows something to escape when he gets overly eager to take a bite and begins to work his kisser before the food is actually in! There once was another boy, very near and dear to my heart, who had this sort of gusto for food. I haven’t had the pleasure of watching him enjoy eating a meal in a long time, but every time I watch my kids plough through a plate of food or declare after a first or last bite that I am “the best cooker ever” (which happens more than enough to keep my ego healthy) I am reminded of him. Thank God for these kids…and their teeth.

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6 thoughts on “Something to Chew On

  1. I’m telling you…those kids need a Happy Meal!! Hannah always reminds me of Nora Ruth never having a Happy Meal…every single time we go past McDonald’s! (not in or thru the drive thru…when we go past it!!) We’ll break her in one day when you come to visit!! A visit going to happen anytime soon?? 🙂 I can’t believe how Thomas is growing…all 3 are SO cute!!

    • NR thinks a ‘Happy Meal’ is a surprise that I pack for her in a Chinese-style to-go box. ha! We are coming at the end of July. I know you warned me about the heat, but its the best time to come before Clif has a break and Nora Ruth starts kindergarten! We plan on seeing you guys- I hope to be at the FF every single day 🙂

  2. Please try to Snap a photo of those new teeth when he isn’t suspecting! Subterfuge is always an effective way to “get er done”! I remember all three of you having voracious appetites. As wee ones, protestations to different foods were minimal. However, with the progression of time – and advancing age of you youngsters- likes and dislikes became apparent! Nonetheless, Taylor was, without a doubt, the one who loved to cook and enjoy all types of epicurial delights first! , i.e. on a large scale. You did try and love raw oysters at the Shrove Tuesday supper at St Mary’s Episcopal Church in El Dorado, Arkansaw at the ripe old age of two! Later – much later during your college years, I’ll never forget the time you called me to ask how to cook gizzards!! Yummy!

  3. Well it’s official – you are my modern day Chaucer with your “Caymen Tales” – I would like to note that you are a much more fun read – please keep it up – it is so much fun watching your kids grow up!!!
    Love you and miss you!!

  4. Gusto and epicure sound like most appropriate words to describe the eating habits of this little man’s family…and ge should have good taste since his mommy’s such a great cook! Such cute , cute pics of your kiddos! Luv u!

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