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Running from the Storm


Even the murkiest of days is redeemable when you live on an island. Clif had Block II exams yesterday and in anticipation of his day off today we fell asleep last night making beach plans. This morning, we awoke to this:

Yuckity Yuck Yuck Yuck

That’s the West Bay public beach and pier across from our neighborhood. All the way down Seven Mile, the water and skies looked like this. So we decided to try to find a little sunshine on a different side of the island and we headed East and then North to Rum Point.

She was ready for the beach about 10 miles ago

It was a long car ride across a relatively small island. Agreements were struck, appeasements and threats were made, patience was put to the test.

The storm we outran

But the view was worth it all. The storm clouds in the distance were covering Georgetown, Seven Mile, and West Bay; we could see the other side of the island from time to time as the clouds/storm rolled by.

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2 thoughts on “Running from the Storm

  1. I love reading about all that y’all are doing! The girls seem to be loving it and working their way to becoming fish!! Haha! I miss y’all and hope I get to see you soon!!

    • we miss you, too! I hope you are having a good summer and if the magic kingdom is still part of your plan, then I am jealous! xoxo

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