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This is Joe. A thoughtful friend made a calculative decision when she purchased him for Thomas 8 weeks ago. It was so kind of her to give something to Thomas and even kinder of her to make sure that it was something that could fit into one of our 20 suitcases.

In my short five years of raising babies, I’ve heard time and time again that infants have different cries and that mothers either interpret these cries instinctively or they are quick on their feet to learn how to decipher which cry means “hungry”, “wet”, “tired”, etc… Maybe I was better at this with baby number one and two. Nowadays when Thomas is fussing, Nora Ruth is probably trying to talk over the siren in order  to adjudicate some misconduct on Alliene’s part, meanwhile Alliene is doing her best to MAKE IT STOP!!! by manhandling Thomas’ pacifier down the screaming chasm of his throat, thereby encouraging a much louder racket. There is not much time to ‘reflect on the meaning’ of Thomas’ cry, but if I were a betting woman, I would put my money on the possibility that he is tired of being tortured by his sisters and just wants some peace and quiet in his own bed!

One time when I sent Nora Ruth to her room for time-out, my mom commented, “Wow. I wish someone would send me to my room and tell me I had to stay there.” No kidding. I think about that statement almost every time I put one of my kids in what’s supposed to be a ‘quiet place’. Why don’t they appreciate it the way that I would?! Well, when I position Thomas in his crib under his mobile his cry intensifies for just a second. Then I put his pacifier in his mouth and the cry becomes muffled. Then I place Joe on his chest and his arms come up immediately and he starts to hug Joe, he pulls him up around his neck and his face, he squeezes him with those tiny fingers, and he holds on for dear life….and then he relaxes and kicks back with Joe for a solid 10-15 minutes.

I heart Joe.

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