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Little Pool, Lot of Scotts


My brilliant and resourceful husband was charged with the critical task of finding “the perfect” house for our family while he was on the island, alone, wrangling with his first semester of medical school. I can easily imagine the list of criterion on the tv screen as a prelude to “Property Virgins”…3 bedrooms, fenced yard for the dogs, close to SMU, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and a very un-Caymanian budget. The host of Property Virgins usually takes her clients down a notch immediately; either the neighborhood, the size, the attractiveness, or the budget has to go. Clif could really show that woman a thing or two. Our home exceeds my expectations. It is a walk across the street from the beach, it’s at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac with great neighbors, and there is a neighborhood pool just outside of our front door.

It’s a small pool, but it’s our pool and I love it. It has shade and sun, two cabanas w/tables for picnicking (if you don’t mind letting the mosquitos picnic on you) and its the fastest way to cool off in the afternoons. I am such a stickler for THE Schedule and Clif is trying to grab family time in between when he gets off of school and when he has to hit the books again at night, and getting in and out of our pool is so easy to do!  The girls are becoming spectacular swimmers and Thomas enjoys the water, too.

Nora Ruth loves sitting on the bottom of the pool and having “parties” and I can tell a difference in the length of time she can hold her breath now that we’ve been back in the water for several weeks. She’s also taught herself how to “cannonball” and prides herself on being able to splash all four corners of our mini-pool.

We had to implement some tough-love with Allie during our first few days here. Last summer she was holding her breath, diving to the bottom of the pool to pick up stuff, and swimming with her head underwater. Well, she obviously forgot all of her awesomeness because she wanted to opt out of pool time at first. Clif worked with her some but she seemed to listen to me better and I spent all of about 30 minutes insisting that she swim to the stairs. She wailed and screamed and I kept a constant watch over my shoulder for the police or child protective services but none arrived. Fast-forward six weeks and her progress is amazing. She swims all over the pool, holding her breath for longer than I thought possible and grabbing the wall when she needs a break. Finally…today…cue the trumpets for the Hallelujah Chorus…Allie decided to try some breathing and she’s lifting her head up to take a breath.


4 thoughts on “Little Pool, Lot of Scotts

  1. Oh Becky..just love all of the pictures and seeing your wonderful time together..children are precious…really precious…take care and keep it coming..just so much fun to read your accounts of everyday life in the Caymans..love to all

    • Thanks, Mrs. K! This is such a great way to keep up- and not a bad way to take time to document all of the things I need to be recording! xoxo

  2. Becky, I love this…your Mom was here today and told me that you had a new blog and took note. I usually check every day or so. Makes me feel that you are not so far away. Watched Alliene’s learning to walk last night and I must admit that I got a little sad – but so glad that we have those reminders. I want to call you soon and I will. Love to all, Dorothy

    • Aunt Dorothy, every time I write I think about you, the new things that the kids are doing that you need to hear about, and the stories you would like best. I love you and miss you xoxoxo

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