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Barkers Beach

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What a great weekend! Clif and I made it out of the house on Friday night and woke from our nap in the car just in time to see the sunset (behind some clouds) at The Cracked Conch. I took the kids to the pool around 4pm on Friday afternoon so the girls were too tired to pull the wool over the sitter’s eyes for long and Thomas went to bed without any trouble, as usual. We ate Indian (Cayman is curry heaven!), browsed Books & Books at Camana Bay, and did some grocery shopping before heading home.

My date

We had company for lunch on Saturday. Some friends of Clif’s from SMU pot-lucked at our house and the girls were all a dither about having people over. My kids absolutely love to meet-and-greet.  Nora Ruth ran around all morning coloring pages in her coloring books, cutting them into strips, and writing our guests names on each one. When someone arrived, she fished their strip of paper out of a plastic baggie for them…classy! Her cohort, Alliene, was on hand to give everyone a sandy piece of coral from Nora Ruth’s “treasure” collection. None of these visitors are in “the family way” so there is no telling if my kids’ antics are amusing, baffling, or grating but nap time became imminent when Alliene plopped down on the sofa between two of our guests, lifted her shirt, and began nursing her baby doll.

who needs a baby mobile when you have a canopy of seagrapes?

Barkers BeachWe don’t go home ’til the sun goes down…

Beautiful sunshine was too tempting and afternoon naps were short; we packed a picnic supper and headed up to Barkers Beach. It is a reserve on the northernmost side of West Bay (where we live) and we like it because it is absolutely beautiful and quiet. The beach is sandy, but several feet out in the water there is corral, rock, and grass beds. The girls both have water shoes and Nora Ruth especially loves stalking fish and hunting crab. There are tons and tons of tiny hermit crabs at the shoreline and we like to sit down and sift through the sand to see who can find the tiniest or the biggest crab. We found a spot this Saturday with a picnic table and some old beach chairs and we proceeded to get comfy.

This picture would be perfect if there was an Airstream in the background…

Oddjob cools off…see all of the little black snails on the rocks?

Another great thing about Barkers is that its quiet enough that we can take the dogs. There are lots of dogs on the beaches here but I’ve yet to see any idiots trying to keep two toddlers from drowning & one infant from screaming or sunburning while walking their 2 dogs and picking up dog poo. Oddjob loves the water (he was quite the stud at the LA dog beach in Huntington back in his day) and will wade right in to swim with us. Toots has to be “convinced” that getting wet is better than suffocating in the heat.

Dinner at the beach…the dishes are done!


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