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Raining in Paradise


The weather here has been really epic this last week. It rained non-stop-cats-and-dogs, although I think that on this island a heavy rain should be called “lizards-and-chickens” (See week two post).  Last Friday my neighbor suggested a pool date because she had heard that “the weather was going to be nasty all weekend long”.

Rainy Day #1- took apart the coffee table in the living room

Well, “all weekend” turned into “all week”. It started on Saturday and it came in slowly, maybe 50% of the day it was raining. Sunday’s weather was similar, but by Monday we were in a monsoon! By Wednesday we officially had cabin fever and Nora Ruth was asking, “Why?? What happens if it doesn’t stop? Why is God making it rain for so long?” She has a very Utilitarian view of weather- rain really

Lots of board games this week

cramps her style but she puts up with it for the greater good- and she was so sure that none of the plants could possibly need any more water.

After a few days of rain, Thomas had to take one for the team and play babydoll.

There are many St. Matthew’s students who do not own vehicles; they walk, bike, or stand at a bus stop every morning.  They had Block I exams on Monday and Clif reported that lots of drenched, miserable folks sloshed to school that morning to sit for exams. I was feeling their pain…try lugging three kids in and out of the house and in and out of your vehicle in a downpour. Suffice it to say that we wore holes in our pajamas last week.

The bad weather went out much the same way that it came in…it sort of tapered until Saturday we had mostly stormy skies but hardly any rainfall. Three important things I’ve picked up this week: 1. Cloud cover is good for my AC bill, 2. This is only the beginning of rainy season, and 3. I really like this website because it gives me hope that rainy season is not nearly as bad as the last week’s deluge.

The chickens don’t mind some free food even if its in a drizzle. We are trying to help them improve their diets. Did I mention that roosters don’t crow in the rain? Magic!

On Saturday morning Clif took the girls to the beach. They were at the public beach playing around in the water when Alliene had a goggle-epiphany and decided to leave them on long enough to see a stingray swimming close by. She was so intrigued that Clif suggested they hop back in the car and ride up the road just a minute to Cemetery Beach where there’s a reef about 40 yards from shore. The girls wear life vests, so it is easy and safe for them to swim and enjoy a trek of that distance. They spent the rest of the morning snorkeling and came home talking about all of the fish they saw and fun they had.

Cemetery Beach: Lots of ocean front cemeteries here, people…not a bad final resting place.

Today we were invited to a birthday party at Governor’s Beach. What a beautiful day! The repose was palpable; the water was so calm, the skies were clear, the shore was not windy but breezy. I could FEEL the Lord resting today and I was thankful for some beautiful beach time with my girls. We were so grateful for the weather today that we actually hit the pool later in the afternoon. Even Thomas was glad to be back outside with an indefinite supply of sunshine. He outlasted his usual 10-15 minutes in the pool and never fussed or cried even though we were pushing dinner and bedtime.

Speaking of Thomas, I think he’s over-do a sentence or two. On Wednesday he will be 15 weeks old. First of all, his hair is falling out and he is rocking a Mohawk strip of hair down the top of his head…which is the only thing covering his cradle cap, so I am not complaining. He’s finally rolling over comfortably enough that it causes my little snoozer to take longer to fall asleep but he’s now taking two naps a day, a quick snooze around 5, and sleeping 12 hours at night. I know this is hard for most of you to read, but I really do deserve those 12 hours, I swear. He LOVES when his sisters talk to him – he almost falls over smiling, literally throws his head back and pitches backwards with a big grin. He coos and talks A LOT, which is somewhat disturbing because I was thinking that I was due a nice, quiet kid.

Thomas in motion. I’m actually cheating, this picture is two weeks old. The mohawk is much harder this week.


2 thoughts on “Raining in Paradise

  1. Loving your blog, Becky! Trying to imagine Grand Cayman the way it was when I was there in 1963, but I probably wouldn’t recognize it now. Just remember the elation of flying over that aqua water on a sailfish sailboat.
    What a feeling!
    It will be over before you know it – Hang in there, supermom!
    Martha K.

    • I sure hope we all get a chance (maybe a few chances…) to do some sailing…if we do, you know there will be pictures!

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